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Elizabeth Micaller + Natural Health
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BEST Help + Support
Beth Micaller Programs have a reputation for providing the BEST support of any Cellular Health Program in the Country. Check out her
History + Story below

Dra. Beth M.
Medically Supported

El Nido Alternative
Natural Health

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Our cost effective 'Alternative Natural Health Center' rejuvenation, purification programs are for young adventurists, backpackers, gap-year students and  the like, who love a smoke +  alcohol free environment, interested to lose weight, cleanse + be pampered in a simple holistic lifestyle right on the seafront. You can snorkel + explore nearby islands, bicycle, walk + soak up the ambience of local village life. For real adventure take a 7-islands camping trip, or just read in a hammock or beanbag  + soak up our gorgeous view. Enjoy delicious living-live raw/semi-raw food whilst basking in quaint island-style bird-nests over the water (weather permitting) + teach yourself about holistic health. The "Alternative Natural Health Center" is a place to self-heal, rejuvenate +  regenerate mind, body, soul + spirit with a difference.

You can start gaining better health Right Now!

Hi, Im Dra. Elizabeth Micaller.
Please think of me as just Beth.
mobile: +63 920907 3075

For 25 years I've been helping people
to change their life-style by way of modalities
such as Detox Cleansing, Fasting, Colonics, Cellular Health with the best organics supplemantation.
Now let me help YOU!

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Supported Detox Programs

And then do it
from your own personal home
our beautiful Private Island Natural Health Spa
our Alternative Natural Health Center
both in spectular El Nido Palawan

Read About My
Educational Trainings

And then join us
to learn about Iridology, Sclerogy
Anatomy, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy
Cellular Health + more
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Three years ago I had a stroke, three pops in my right brain. I recovered well, had no surface marks, so everyone assumed I was well. This is a country where people judge books by their covers and nothing was wrong with mine. Only I knew that the stroke had affected me and only with time did I slowly realize how profoundly it affected me.I ran into Bethh Micaller, first, accidentally.
All the medicines she gave me are organic and herbal & let me tell you, now I feel great, joyful, energetic, happy, active.
What am I drinking? I don't know. Organic herbal stuff. I never felt this good taking chemical pills. So now, except for the chicken, I may turn into an organic enthusiast. If you want to see Bethh Micaller, call her at
+63 (2) 724-1093. see more

Dra. Beth M.
Medically Supported

Private Island
Detox Programs
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A tropical setting that is like living in a postcard. Warm weather that cuddles you like a blanket.
Trees with organic fruit hanging everywhere. Sounds of the ocean + blissful silence. Cool sea breezes + fresh air, free of noise, pollution, cars + crowds. This is Private
island Natural Health Spa

Your Peace + Time for Clarity on an Exclusive Robinson Crusoe Island Retreat

Our Affiliations
Philippine College for the Advancement of Medicine 'PCAM'
Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Sciences 'PINS'
International Iridology Practitioners Association 'IIPA'
Private Island Natural Health Spa, El Nido, Palawan 'PINHS'
Alternative Natural Health Center, El Nido, Palawan 'ANHS'
School of Natural Medicine, Boulder, Colorado, USA 'SNM'
Integrated Healing Services, California, USA
LifeSuccess + Diamond Coaching, Philippines
Yoga For Slimmers, Best selling yoga book by Celia Hawe


Free Information here:
about Detox, Cleansing
Colonic Irrigation

This website offers loads of info
on detox fasting + cleansing with
colonics. It has an indepth explaination
about parasites, worms, beetles + mucoid plaque. Plus there is much info on subjects like candida, thyroid issues.
It also offers YOU an on-line Personal Health Evaluation that once you have answered the questions, can immediate offer you informative tips + suggestions to correcting acute health challenges or troublesome issues that can then get you started on the right path to self healing.
Together with a blending of yoga, gentle arts, pampering therapies +
adventure trips you enjoy a wonderful detox on this tiny island in the south China Sea.

Organix has established the Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Sciences (PINS) as its educational arm +currently teaches Comprehensive Iridology, Sclerology and its correlation to Iridology, Anatomy + Physiology and Natural Nutrition. Soon classes on Homeopathy and Acupuncture for non Physicians will be offered. The Comprehensive Iridology that is taught in PINS is what is sanctioned by the International Iridology Practitioners Association, an Iridology certifying body worldwide. All students who complete Level One and Two of the IIPA course can take a certifying test + upon completion of all requirements will be issued a certificate.

About Us
We have been labeled as the pioneers and missionaries of natural health + healing in the Philippines   Organix is staffed by dedicated individuals who believe that nature has all that is needed to achieve perfect health. Medical doctors, Naturopaths, Natural Health Practitioners, Nutritionists,  Nurses,  Iridologists, Sclerologists and even lay people who are interested to share their knowledge and beliefs on a natural lifestyle make this company their home.

Organix through its dedicated natural health visionary, Elizabeth A. Micaller ND, PhD, CCII,   made Iridology a by-word in the country.  Organix is now considered as the foremost center that uses the latest methods of reading the iris or colored portion of the eye as an analytical tool to help determine nervous energy deficiencies.  E. Micaller is a Certified Iridology Instructor of the United States based,   International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA), a certifying body for Iridologists worldwide. Iridology classes leading to certification are conducted regularly thru the education arm of the company Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Sciences (PINS)
Complete Iridology analysis can be availed of in the center for all who wish to learn their inherent or genetic deficiencies in nervous energy.

Future Goals
Organix has envisioned opening up Organix Alternative and Natural Lifestyle Centers in all the major cities of the Philippines in order to showcase the various modalities and alternative + natural methods to achieve perfect health.  Each lifestyle center will make available the many alternative modalities that the company believes will lead the country to better health. Major emphasis will be in reversing diabetes, reversing high blood pressure, reversing nephritis + renal failure, reversing circulatory problems + even cancer + other degenerative diseases using the basic laws of naturopathic medicine combined with the brilliance of traditional medicine.

Reasons to Trust

1. Long History
Organix Natural Health started out as Organix Nutraceutical Int'l. Inc.
which was incorporated in 1982 when Dra. Beth saw the future of helping people get healthier the Natural way. Her company grew from being the first multi level company in the Philippines distributing exceptionally effective food supplements imported from different countries to a complete Alternative and Wholistic Center. One of her main goals is to help people "Make Wellness their own Business!" She offers products, services and an education arm to help achieve this mission.

2. All Organic
Dra. Beth Micaller's Detox Cleansing Programs are backed up by facts
Her products are all organic and she has created a highly successful healthy program that has already helped hundreds of women, men and teenagers to make their life more healthy, including many with serious, long term health problems.
See: Testimonials

3. Doctor Recommended FORMULAS
The BEST of Nature….. Validated by Science!

Organix has been known to be the pioneer in bringing exceptional food supplements and herbal formulas to the Filipino populace since 1982. It is again ready to fill the need for effective and inexpensive formulas making available the latest in technological advances in the natural health field. Now an improved new line of Doctor Recommended formulas are here exclusively for health practitioners and health enthusiast ensuring unbelievable value for our partners in wellness. All the ingredients in our "DR" Formulas are:

  • Lab Certified for Purity. No compromises on inferior qualities just to make the formula.
  • Safety, pharmaceutical grade all natural products that are 100% safe and will do no harm
  • Innovative Breakthrough formulations researched to include the best for each particular need, based on science that produces results.
  • Reliable and effective having been tested clinically
    !00% natural and organic in every bottle
  • More Mg per capsule, revolutionizing the science of nutrient delivery ensuring effectivity
  • All capsules are Kosher certified.
  • Cutting Edge products at affordable prices making it available to all
When the proper herbs are mixed together in the proper percentages the total synergistic effect can become a powerful combination, this is the Foundation of Physical and Mental Wellbeing, the basis of all Organix Doctor Recommended formulas for optimal health in body and mind!   FEEL the difference

4. Become a NEW you

  • Increase your energy
  • Boost your immune system
  • Build new cells that support Life
  • Feed the organs and glands responsible for anti aging
  • Convert foods into building material for living tissue
  • Remove fat, toxins and invading microbes
  • Become a “new you” Feel ALIVE……
    Experience Wellness the
    Organix Natural Health Way!!!!
mobile: +63 920907 3075
landline +632 724 1093

1982 witnessed the birth of Organix and from that date onward, we have focused on our mission to bring to the Philippines + all its 7002 islands the truth about alternative + natural health + healing, plus how to achieve perfect health.  Various natural alternative modalities were introduced in the country by Organix + its affiliate doctors, like Colonic hydrotherapy, Iridology, Natural Nutrition Counseling, Aromatherapy, Core Energy, Sclerology,  Kinesiology, Chelation, +Complete Gentle + Total  Detoxification through the removal of  mucoid plague, quantum healing thru the Q2 Energy Spa, Parasite Zapping , Far Infrared Ray Therapy, Live cell Therapy among others.  Organix has been the venue of many seminars + lectures on alternative therapies. Organix was the first to venture in setting up a real gourmet restaurant serving only healthy meals cooked with all the goodness of natural + organically grown ingredients as early as 1990.
Organix still has its complete line of natural food supplements, making this available around the country through its many direct distributors.  It now has renewed vitality to continue its mission + vision  upon realizing that the seeds we have planted  over twenty years ago are now bearing fruit.  Organix now has expanded by establishing the Philippines Institute of Naturopathic Sciences (PINS), the education arm of Organix, a formal institution to share the many different modalities that can be utilized to help heal the
individual + the world...

To Remember:
By making the decision to follow the recommendations of this detox program, you are exercising your right to take control of your own health. However, the information in this guide should not be used as the basis for treating a particular symptom or disease, or to replace any treatment that you are currently undergoing. All guidelines for the use of the Organix Detox Program or any of the individual formulations presented in this guide are for Educational purposes only. If you have a serious health problem or have questions, you should always consult with your health care professional.

What Dra Joy Lara has to say about their programs Organix has grown over the years to include various services for their many patients + clients. Now, both Iridology and Sclerology analysis are made for every patient/client to reveal their inherent weaknesses + current stresses + from which appropriate natural therapies are recommended + applied. Only non invasive methods are used +  the body is made to help lead the person to optimal health. The emotional and mental + spiritual aspects of the person are also taken into consideration + oftentimes the key to complete well being is done when these three areas are given the same attention as the physical needs + complaints. Other services that are readily applied in the Alternative + Natural Center are the 30 day Gentle Detox and the 10 day Total Detox that follows the gentle phase. Various packages are made available to achieve complete body detoxification using special formulas to clean the colon + the other eliminative organs, the lymph, kidney, lungs and skin. Naturopaths believe that parasites play an important role in the disease process and Organix uses various Parasite Zappers in their non invasive treatments of their patients/clients. Kinesiology, Far Infrared Ray Therapy + Live Cell Therapy are some of the other modalities used in the center.

About Us
We have been labeled as the pioneers + missionaries of natural health + healing in the Philippines   Organix is staffed by dedicated individuals who believe that nature has all that is needed to achieve perfect health. Medical doctors, Naturopaths, Natural Health Practitioners, Nutritionists,  Nurses,  Iridologists, Sclerologists and even lay people who are interested to share their knowledge + beliefs on a natural lifestyle make this company their home.


Organix Natural Health

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